Field Tripping

The Nuclear Option | Marcus & Amber Capone

Episode Notes

After returning home and retiring from service, former Navy SEAL Marcus Capone – and his wife Amber – faced a crisis of anxiety, depression, and neurological damage. After discovering Ibogaine as a therapeutic healing tool – Marcus found his way back to life and saved their marriage. Now, they’re psychedelic advocates and founders of VETS, Inc. (Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions), a resource, research, and advocacy non-profit. They join Ronan to tell their heroic story of service, marriage, and traumatic brain injury – plus talk about what maintenance looks like. Then, we discuss Marcus’s trip on Ibogaine, along with other positive treatment outcomes for U.S combat veterans – and their families. To date, VETS has proudly helped over 250 soldiers – and they’re just getting started. To learn more about their initiatives visit

Show Notes: